Last (3) Week(s)

A couple weeks ago Peanut, Squeaker and I went to visit my parents.  We planned to be there for 2 weeks.  Hurricane Irene came and lengthened our trip by a couple days.  I spent the rest of last week trying to get back to normal around the house.  I’m hoping that this week’s upcoming menu will help with that too.

This Week

This is a Buying Club week, so I will be getting a great box of fresh produce tomorrow.  I have a long list for the grocery store and am hoping to get their in the early part of the week.  I do need to make a loaf of bread to get us through the week too.  Hoping to get that done on Monday when I make the rolls for dinner.


Breakfast – Whatever I dig out of the freezer

LunchMacaroni and Cheese with Broccoli

Dinner – Sloppy Joes, Whole Wheat Rolls, Tater Tots


Breakfast – Banana muffins (trying to use up  the overripe bananas before they completely turn to the dark side.)

Lunch – Sandwiches

Dinner – Farmer’s Market Pasta with Corn and Tomatoes (from The Six O’clock Scramble)


Breakfast – Cereal and fruit

LunchPasta, Pesto and Cheese

DinnerTuna Zucchini Patties, Yellow or Purple beans, sweet potato fries


Breakfast  – Yeast Waffles

Lunch – Black Bean Salad (I am now addicted to this salad)

Dinner – Kebabs (for the meat eaters), Broccolini, Rice (some sort of substitute for the non-meat eater)


Breakfast – Leftovers

Lunch – Leftovers

Dinner – Black Bean Soup with Johnny Cakes (from Cooking with Mickey), Salad


Breakfast – Yogurt, Cereal & Berries

Lunch –  ??

Dinner –  Chicken, salad, veggie, rice/pasta


Breakfast – Pancakes/Waffles out of the freezer, fruit

Lunch  – Birthday Party

Dinner – Fish (need to check the freezer or go get more)

This week’s Disney recipe(s):

I am going through Disney withdrawal and have decided that once a week I would like to make a recipe from Disney to help with my symptoms.

Vegetarian Black Bean Soup and Johnnycakes from Shutters at Old Port Royale – Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort (I didn’t try this when we stayed here, but it sounds good for this week.)

Key Lime Pie  from Olivia’s Café – Disney’s Old Key West Resort (have never eaten or stayed here)


I make all of my sons food in addition to our family menu.  I did the same for my daughter.  I thought I would share what he is eating this week too.

  • Peas & Rice Cereal
  • Pears & Apples (w/ Oatmeal)
  • Peaches (baked)
  • Squash (roasted)
Most of the cooking methods for these come from

If you would like to join us for Menu Plan Monday, go here to join the food fun.