Last Week

Last week was a bust.  I spent most of the week dealing with our invasion, and all of my plans to make healthy meals for my family didn’t happen.  I am really frustrated, but hoping that we can get back into the swing of things this week.  This is going to be a shortened version of what I would really like to post, but as I’m still trying to get my house in order, I don’t have everything planned out.

Here is my other addition to our meal planning.  I am going through Disney withdrawal and have decided that once a week I would like to make a recipe from Disney to help with my symptoms.  I am also hoping to find a recipe a week out of Molly Katzen’s Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes.  

This Week

My hope for this week is that I can cook out of the pantry and freezer this week.  After last week, I’d like to get us back on budget by not spending a ton of money at the grocery store.  I do get a delivery from my Organic Buying Club this week.  Yea!  Fresh produce!  I’m hoping that will help us out.


Dinner Beef Back Ribs since I didn’t make them last week.


Dinner – Breakfast for dinner.  Not really sure what.  Maybe Zucchini Feta Pancakes from the Moosewood Cookbook.


Dinner – Aloo Gobi (if the cauliflower I have is still good; if not maybe a vegetarian korma) and Naan.  Indian sounds really good.  I’m not sure which recipe I’ll use for dinner, but I will post it next week.


Dinner – Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza with Spinach.  The crust is already in the freezer from the last time I made one.


Dinner – We’ll try to do this again this week.  Chicken, probably Panko Crusted Chicken with Cherry Tomato Sauce, pasta and salad (If I’m really on my game, we’ll have a challah too.)


Not sure, but my mom is in town :-).  Maybe Palo’s Grill Portobello Mushrooms and Polenta fromCooking with Mickey and the Disney Chefs.


Not sure….

If you would like to join us for Menu Plan Monday, go here to join the food fun.