Oh how I wish, I could say it was by something interesting, like ET.

Nope!  It’s by this little guy…

Yup, ticks!

Now let me tell you what happened to bring us to where we are today.

Many weeks ago, my husband and I found a small bug crawling across the floor and thought it might be a tick.  We took a match to it and sure enough it gave that telltale pop.  Why we might have thought he was traveling alone I don’t know.Later I found another one on Hoover, but was able to pull it off easily so I didn’t really think anything of it.  When I mentioned it to Fireman, he told me that it wasn’t a tick and not to worry about it. As time went by, we started to have some little friends crawling on the floor.  We would just pop them (yes, I was able to pop them) or flush them.  Again, Fireman assured me that they were not ticks.  And silly me, the fact that I could pop it validated what he was saying.  I began a couple upstairs, and a couple in the bed when I went to change our sheets.  I was starting to get grossed out, but I live in Florida, in a swamp, so bugs come with the territory.  Well, I started to wonder if they were carpet bugs, but I couldn’t find anything to support that.  I started trying to take photographs of the “bug” to try to ask the world at large what our little “friend” might be.  Because he was so tiny, I had a tough time getting a shot, but 2 nights ago I got it!  I planned to post the picture yesterday, but there was no need.

Yesterday morning, when I came downstairs, I found a brown spider next to the laundry I had washed the day before.  (I know it wasn’t put away, but it wasn’t still in the dryer either.)  Thankfully, I had my shoes on very close by and was able to slide them on to step on this unknown spider (Thank you FlyLady).  I got rid of our newest visitor and then began to wonder who came to see us.  Oh, and through the sheets back in the wash on HOT.  While I was trying to figure out what the spider was I used the characteristics of the “small bug” to find out what he might be.  One option was bedbugs.  UGH!  I told my husband and started going through the house.  My husband called the exterminator, finally.  And we heard the fear in the voices of the people on the other end.  They sent the investigator out to check out our infestation.  I had bagged several of our little friends thinking it might make the identification process easier, and it did.  The investigator walked in, looked at the bag, and said it’s not bedbugs, it’s ticks.  Well, this was slightly good news, as this is covered under our normal policy.  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that we have a contract with an exterminator?  We do, and thankfully taking care of ticks is covered in our contract.  However, it looks like we now need to add lawn care to our coverage.  If you ask me, it’s a small price to pay to protect my family from this happening again!

We are now preparing our house to be “bombed.”  Really it will just be a heavy duty spraying.  Which they will have to come back and do again next week too.  We’ll have to be out of the house for a while and then air it out, but at least we don’t need to move everything out of the house.  We just have to get toys, etc off the floors, get any food off the counters, vacuum and mop before they come bright and early tomorrow morning.  Oh yeah, and take Hoover to be dipped at the vet.  Poor thing.  I feel so bad for him!  Guess the last treatment we gave him didn’t work.

I am now off to care for the kids and conquer the house.  It’s time for crisis cleaning.