I’m back!  It’s been over a year since I’ve joined in Menu Plan Monday and then it was with my past blog, Jolly Green Mommy.  I am hoping to make the majority of the meals my family eats and to keep us to a reasonable budget doing it.

Just to give you a little background on my family, we are Kosher.  This means we do not eat pork or shellfish.  In addition (and probably the harder part), we do not combine meat and dairy.  I am a vegetarian, well I guess technically a pescitarian as I eat fish.  When we go out, my husband normally goes for chicken and meat because I do not often cook them at home.  Oh right, then we have my 3-year-old, Peanut, who though not a picky eater is becoming stingier with eating the meals I make.  (She eats what we eat, I do not make her anything special.)  There is also my 5 1/2 month old son, Squeaker.  He is just starting to eat solid food, as the doctor gave us the go ahead at our last appointment.  My objective is to cook more of this, or at least more foods that he finds satisfying to keep us eating at home more often.  In the past, we have gone way over budget with eating out.

Now for what I hope to do every week.  I will try to review what we ate, and if it was well received, by Fireman and Peanut.  I will also talk about what Squeaker is eating as I make his food too.

Last Week

As this is the first week, I’m back at this, I will say that we did a good job of eating at home last week.  I made a London Broil using using this recipe from A Year of Slow Cooking.  My husband liked this and the meat fell apart when I cut it into strips.  On the other hand, Paula Deen’s Squash Casserole was not a big hit.  I thought it wasn’t bad, but no one else liked it much.

This Week


Breakfast – Leftover Cherry Clafouti (Alton Brown’s recipe); I think Peanut would have eaten ALL of this yesterday if I let her.

Lunch – Sandwiches; either Turkey or Tuna

Dinner – some variation of Mexican Lasagna; Tomato & Avocado Salad


Breakfast – A baked good with cherries (haven’t decided what yet.)


DinnerTilapia Meunier; Rice Pilaf and Spinach


Breakfast – Cereal and fruit


DinnerBeef Back Ribs  (I’m using a recipe for regular ribs.  We’ve never made or had these before so it should be interesting); Potatoes, and a vegetable (Gardein beefless tips for me)


Breakfast – Muffins?

Lunch –

Dinner – Cottage Cheese Pancakes


Breakfast –

Lunch –

Dinner – Chicken, probably Panko Crusted Chicken with Cherry Tomato Sauce, pasta and salad (If I’m really on my game, we’ll have a challah too.)









If you would like to join us for Menu Plan Monday, go here to join the food fun.