Dear Kid Saturday on Sunday

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Dear Peanut and Squeaker,

I was debating what I wanted to write to you today.  I haven’t done this before so I gave it some thought.  In this first “letter” I am asking to forgive and “put up with me.”  I hope that as you grow up and I hopefully continue to document journal our lives, that you do not come to resent it.  If you do, please tell me about it.  I will do my best not to embarrass you, but being that you are both so young right now, I have no idea what will embarrass you in the future.  Then again, isn’t it my job to cause at least a little embarrassment to your lives?  Please know that whatever I do and however you view it, it is/was done with love.

Peanut, I cannot believe what a big girl you’ve become.  You have always been independent, but it seems like you are really becoming your own little  person now.  For so long, I took advantage of the fact that you were happy staying in your room until we came to get you.  Now that you know that you can leave your room on your own, I am not entirely sure what to do with you.  Thankfully, you are not abusing this, and it does show real growth for you.  The question is, what I do now?  I have been trying to wake up and get downstairs before you and your brother are awake.  Just trying to get things started, but now you are often ready to greet the day when I am.  Just how early do I need to wake up?

Squeaker, you have always been in a hurry to get onto the next stage in life.  Feel, free to take your time.  You’re only little once, and you should enjoy it.  You are just over 5 months old, and already you will sit up on your own.  You can’t do it forever, but longer than I was expecting at this point in time.  I know that the days of keeping you in one spot room are numbered.  You already roll wherever you want to go, and I have seen you trying to push off your feet to move around.  Nana says you are just itching to get up and run around with your sister.  Though I love watching you achieve your milestones, feel free to take your time.

I love you both,


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Welcome to “my” Game of Life.

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The Set Up:

I had a blog (Jolly Green Mommy) and a little over a year ago, I kind of, well, dropped off the face of the blogging world.  I have been debating getting back into and have decided that I’m going to give it a try again.

Why am I doing this?  Well, there is a lot I would like to do and, quite frankly, I feel that I need to be help accountable.  Thank you for keeping me on the right track.

The Objectives:

  • Keep to a budget.  Really, learn how to budget and then how to stick to it.
  • This does involve using coupons and finding the best deals around.
  • Plan meals for a week, make and eat them.  (Oh and cross your fingers that everyone at your dinner table actually likes and eats it.)
  • Helping my children grow into amazing little people.
  • Having a happy marriage.
  • Trying to do all this in a productive, organic (or close to organic), sustainable way.
  • Keeping organizing De-cluttering my house and learning how to keep it clean.

The players:

Me – I would me the mom/teacher/COO and CFO of our family.


As Mom (and teacher), I try to keep my kids from running amok (though sometimes it’s fun) and “teach” my daughter.  This part is second nature, as before I became a SAHM mom  I was an elementary (and some early childhood) teacher.  I’m not sure what the future holds for educating my kids, and right now I’m just taking it day by day.

As COO, I try to feed my family, keep them clean and the house clean.  The cooking part I love.  Bathing my kids is fun (most of the time).  Keeping the house neat and orderly is a foreign language for me.  I’m working on it, but that’s for another post.

The CFO in me pays the bills.  After years and years of paying the bills, I’ve realized that there is another part of this job that I have been neglecting.  That is the budgeting part.  I’m learning how to do this little by little.  Hopefully, this will help us to gain control of our lives.



Fireman is my husband.  He is a jack of all trades.  He teaches for several online universities, is a volunteer fireman, paramedic/flight medic, former dispatcher and planning  hoping to become part of the United State Public Health Service.  If anyone know anything about this organization, I would love to hear more about it from someone who actually knows what this organization is all about.  Oh yeah, and a really great dad.  His kids just adore him and love to play and hang out with him.


Peanut was born in July of 2008.  She is an amazing little girl, who makes me laugh and smile everyday.  Some days I might want to cry, but that’s probably more me than her.


Squeaker joined us in February 2011.  So far he has proved to be in a hurry to do almost everything.  (Again that’s a story for another day.)


Hoover has been with Fireman and I since 2003 when we lived in Maryland.  We adopted him from Mid Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue.  As with the rest of the family, he too has his quirks, but we love him anyway.

The Rules:

Be honest about what is going on in our life.

Ask for help when needed.

Hope to start an interesting discussion between all of us as we try to play our own Games of Life.

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